How to find out if your friend is gay in Kerala

Kerala has seen a dramatic rise in homosexuality in recent years, with the majority of gay men identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) and the number of gay and lesbian couples growing in recent months.

The State is one of the few states in the country to have introduced legislation to outlaw gay sex, but its citizens have been able to get married, marry, have babies, buy a house and start businesses without facing any penalty.

Kerala is also the only state in the nation where it is legal to adopt children by gay couples.

The issue has been a hot button in Kerala, as well as in many other states in India, which has witnessed a wave of hate crimes and homophobic attacks in recent times.

Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh are the other three states where same-sex couples are allowed to adopt.

But the state is not the only one to have witnessed the spike in homosexuality.

In April last year, a video was uploaded to YouTube showing a man kissing a woman in public.

It was reported that this man was a resident of Ernakulam district.

In the video, the man appears to have taken a turn for the worse when he was spotted kissing the woman in front of the cameras.

This was reported to have been witnessed by another man.

The video was deleted after the police and district administration found it to be offensive and inappropriate.

However, the video has since resurfaced on the internet, which led to a controversy in the State.

The same day, the Kerala High Court ordered the State Government to take legal action against the man who uploaded the video.

The man, who had been arrested for allegedly violating the Prevention of Discrimination Act, is yet to be arrested.

The state government has sought the help of the High Court in its efforts to have the video deleted.

In response, the Government of Kerala has asked the court to take up the issue and the video be removed from the internet.

The Government of Karnataka has also appealed to the Supreme Court, which can take up a case against the individual in the matter.

Krishna’s LGBT rights activists say that despite the protests of the LGBT community, the State government has done nothing to address the issue of homosexuality.

“In Karnataka, we are still waiting for the police to arrest the accused.

What is happening in Kerala is happening everywhere,” says Karnataka-based activist Srikanth.

Kiran Saini, a Kannada-born activist, has long been a vocal opponent of LGBT rights in the state.

“The Kerala Government is failing in its duty of protecting the rights of all the people and has been trying to hide its role in the sexual exploitation of gay women.

In spite of these complaints, no action has been taken to protect the gay community from the onslaught of hatred,” Sainisaid.

Krissanathan, a gay rights activist in Kerala who is based in Chennai, says that despite protests from the LGBT Community, the state government is still failing in the protection of the rights.

“The state Government of Kannadiga has not even done anything about the harassment of the LGBTQ community in the city,” he said.

“We have been told that the State Police would not take action against such cases, but no action was taken against the accused man.

In our opinion, there has been no action taken to address these complaints.

There are so many LGBT activists in the region that they don’t even have a voice,” Krissananasaid.

In Kannalur district, the number the police had arrested for the offence of molestation of a woman increased from three to five, with two men being arrested and one woman being arrested, while a man was detained.

The police have been accused of misreporting the number who were molested.

“A total of four people were arrested in the case, but the investigation showed that the number was much higher.

Two of the four arrested men had filed FIRs against the women, but they were released on bail after they were booked for the molestation,” said a police official, who did not wish to be identified.

Kashmiris gay rights activists and activists from other parts of the country have also expressed outrage at the inaction of the state Government, which is often blamed for the increasing incidence of violence against gays in the province.

Kumar Gopalan, a transgender activist in Karnataka’s North East region, has been campaigning against the lack of action taken against these alleged criminals for over a year.

“There are many transgender people in the North East who have been arrested, tortured and killed for being gay, and it is because of this that I have been campaigning for years against this issue.

If they want to help us, they should take a look at our complaints, arrest the rapists and bring these criminals to justice,” he added.

Kapil Mishra, a journalist based in Mumbai, says he has witnessed many gay rights abuses in India