How CNN’s news team will cover the news, according to new guidelines

A new CNN/USA Today newsroom guide will guide news coverage on campus, including “exclusive news items” and “unrestricted, unscripted, opinion-driven stories.”

CNN/USAToday will not use “exclusive or unscriptable content” and will not include “insulting, threatening, or discriminatory content.”

The guidelines also include a section on “unrestrained, unedited, opinion driven content.”

“The guidelines have been approved by our newsroom and are being reviewed by CNN senior leadership,” CNN Senior Executive Editor Brian Stelter said in a statement.

The newsroom also plans to develop “more robust and consistent policies, procedures and policies that address the needs of newsrooms, editors and producers,” the statement said.

“We will continue to monitor the evolving environment in journalism to ensure we are in alignment with our principles and guidelines, which include fostering a safe, respectful and inclusive work environment for all employees.”

The new guidelines are the latest move in a battle between CNN and some newsrooms to improve their journalism standards.

Earlier this month, CNN suspended a reporter from covering a fatal shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, over an edited story about the shooting.

A CNN spokesperson told BuzzFeed News at the time that the reporter, Brian Covington, had “violated our policies” after a discussion about the incident with CNN president Jeff Zucker.

“The decision to suspend Mr. Covingon was based on his actions, including his alleged editing of information provided to us by the Baton Rouge Police Department,” the CNN spokesperson said.

CNN also announced this month that it would ban its reporters from covering “disputed facts” about the Paris attacks.

CNN has not said when it plans to revise its policies, though the network’s own policy on diversity said that “a person of color is not permitted to work in a newsroom unless the person of interest is a person of African-American descent.”

In a statement, the network said it “strongly supports” the “ongoing discussion” about diversity at CNN.

“CNN is committed to diversity, inclusion and inclusion in all of our newsrooms and throughout the newsroom team, and we are committed to working with all of the newsrooms in our news division to ensure the continued safety of our journalists,” the network wrote.

“Our news division is diverse and is comprised of diverse staff, which we are working to ensure are fully and fairly represented in our workforce.”

CNN has also been criticized for its treatment of the black female journalist who resigned from the news organization in January after a series of high-profile sexual harassment allegations.

The network was criticized for a tweet in November saying that “I would never say I was raped, but if it were up to me, the woman in the picture would be out of work for a year.”

In January, a CNN executive said that the network would continue to investigate a number of women in the news division who had been accused of sexual harassment.

“This has been an ongoing process,” CNN CEO Jeff Zucker said at the start of the new year.

“And we will continue that investigation.”