Blackhawks will not sign Scott Hartnell, but they are ‘looking at’ him as trade chip

Chicago Blackhawks General Manager Stan Bowman says he will not make a trade for Scott Hartworth before the start of the NHL Trade Deadline, but that he is “looking at” him as a possible trade chip.

He said that while there are no plans to sign Hartnell at this time, he is still “looking” for trade chips.

The Blackhawks have a lot of cap space that they would be willing to move in a trade and would love to get one of their best players for him.

However, the Blackhawks are expected to have cap space to make a deal, as they have $4.3 million in salary cap space and would not need to spend any of that on an elite player.

This would be a huge relief for the team, as the Blackhawks have spent the last two seasons on the cusp of a playoff berth.

They would also be able to use some of that space on future free agents.

Bowman said that he did not want to make any rash decisions during the off-season, but he also did not rule out trading Hartnell.

He has not made a trade in the last three seasons and has said that it would not be the first time in his six-year tenure that he had to make one.

Bowman also said that there was no specific player that he would like to get dealt and that he has not had a conversation with any team about acquiring a player like that.

He added that he wanted to make sure the Blackhawks could win.

“There are no trade chips on the table, there is no other players we are looking at,” Bowman said.

“We are looking for value.

We want to win and we want to be in the playoffs.

We have a good young core that we have got.

It is a team building process, and we are going to do it the right way.”

Bowman added that this is not a “big time” move for the Blackhawks, but the organization will do whatever it takes to win in order to stay in the playoff race.