How to spot fake news: ABC News admits it was responsible for a fake news story about Paris shooting

An article in the Australian newspaper has confirmed what some have said all along – the ABC is responsible for the creation of fake news stories about the Paris attacks.

The article in The Age, which has been widely shared on social media, was written by a former ABC News producer and featured a statement from the ABC managing director, David Jones.

The ABC has apologised for the “unprofessional” and “inappropriate” content in the article and has since retracted the statement.

“The article was a matter of personal judgement and the editorial staff made a decision to include it,” the ABC said in a statement.

“The editor of The Age apologised unreservedly to any readers who might have been offended by it.”

The article, entitled “Paris attackers’ families blame fake news for Paris attack”, was published on the ABC’s The World Today on Wednesday morning.

It was followed by a statement by Jones, which read: “It is with deep regret and anger that we now learn that our article was written with the intention of presenting a false story of what actually happened in Paris on Friday 9th November.”

In doing so, it breached our editorial standards and we apologise unreservedfully for any offence caused.”ABC managing director David Jones apologises to readers for his “unacceptable” article on #ParisAttacks article.ABC News (@ABCNews) November 24, 2020The article did not explicitly mention the ABC.

The article contained a photograph of two men holding rifles.

It said that they were the brothers Saif al-Islam and Ibrahim el-Bakraoui, who were killed by police after the attacks.”

I was one of those who went into the supermarket,” Jones said in the statement, referring to the store where he worked.”

Saif al Islam and Ibrahim al-Brakoui were just two young boys who had just been gunned down in broad daylight in the heart of Paris.

“They were killed because they had no friends and nobody to turn to.

The police did not have the guts to put themselves in their place and they were gunned down.”

This is the truth.

This is what happened on that fateful Friday morning.

“The incident was covered widely on social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The article has been shared over 2 million times.”

It was a tragic day for our country, for our families, for the world, and I’m sorry that we did not report it sooner,” Jones wrote.”

We have a responsibility to report all news to a journalist who is capable of doing so.

We do not do so with such reckless abandon.”‘

No-one is safe’A spokesman for the ABC confirmed the article had been published on The World today, saying the organisation was “deeply concerned” about the matter and “fully apologises unreservedlly to any reader”.”

The ABC does not condone any form of media, or any form in which people may share or spread false information, and the publication of such a statement is a breach of our editorial rules,” he said.”

If any reader was offended by the article, they have the right to complain to the ABC.

“The ABC also has confirmed it has been contacted by two news organisations about the article.”

An editorial decision was made by the ABC to not publish an article that has been published by one of our outlets,” a spokesperson for the broadcaster said in an email.”

Our apologies to readers, as well as the journalists who have written about it, for any confusion.