What is the meaning behind the title ‘Odisha-centric’ Nike’s latest design?

Odisha has been the scene of many big, iconic sports logos in the last decade.

Here are five iconic brands and their logos.


Nike Nike has become a key symbol of the nation in its home state of India.

The company’s iconic signature shoe has been used on many sports-related ads, including on the Olympic torch, the US flag, and even the state flag.

This is why the company chose to use a new Nike design for its logo for this year’s World Cup, the company said in a press release.

The design, titled “Odia,” is comprised of eight different letters and is part of a larger campaign called Odia, which is a collaboration between Nike and Odisha’s tourism ministry.

The campaign will highlight the significance of Odisha, a small country in the Indian state of Odia.


Adidas In 2017, Adidas unveiled the “Odo” logo, a stylized version of its iconic red and black logo.

The brand is best known for its soccer shoes.

The logo is seen in dozens of ad campaigns and has been featured in more than 500 advertisements.

The latest campaign, which debuted last month, was created to highlight the importance of Odissa, a predominantly Hindu state in northern India.

“This year, Adidas has worked with the Odisha Tourism Ministry to create an additional campaign focused on the state,” Adidas spokesperson Praveen Kaur told The Verge.


McDonald’s The fast-food chain has always been a strong supporter of Oditais rights, and it has created a number of iconic brands like its iconic “Kiwi” logo.

For the World Cup campaign, McDonalds is partnering with Odisha and the tourism ministry to create a series of ads that will highlight key issues affecting Odisha.

“The ‘Kiwis’ campaign will be a great way for the company to showcase its support for Odisha in the face of global media attention,” McDonald’s spokesperson Anushree Jha told The Huffington Post India.


Coca-Cola The company is one of the biggest Coca-Colas in the world, but it has always had a strong connection with Odita, which it claims is the largest state in India.

Coke’s ad campaign for the World Series between the New York Yankees and the New England Patriots was produced in collaboration with the state of Kerala.

Coca Cola said in the press release that the ads will highlight “the important role that Odisha plays in Coca-cola’s global supply chain.”


Unilever The Dutch luxury brand is a major player in India’s luxury goods market.

In the past few years, Unilevers iconic brand has become popular across India.

This year, the brand will be partnering with the tourism department of Odistan to highlight its “Odin” brand, which was named after the state’s goddess.

“With this campaign, Unisex will become a major part of the Odita story,” Unileven spokesperson Marni De Jonge told The Guardian.