Trump says ‘all options are on the table’ for Iran-US trade deal

President Donald Trump said Monday that all options are being considered in order to avert a trade war with Iran and called on Congress to approve a deal that will give the United States access to its most lucrative markets.

In an interview with ABC News’ Jonathan Karl, Trump said that his administration was looking for a “win-win” outcome that would ensure that both countries benefit from the trade deal.

Trump has repeatedly expressed his desire to strike a trade deal with Iran, which he considers a key to defeating the Islamic State militant group.

But Congress is set to vote on a new sanctions package Monday that is intended to curb Iran’s oil exports and limit the United State’s access to the Persian Gulf.

Trump said that he has spoken to his top trade officials and that there is “a very good chance” that a trade agreement can be reached.

“I’m in touch with a lot of folks, I know that’s what the experts tell me,” Trump said.

“I’ve had a lot to say about it, so I’m very much open to it.

We’re going to see what happens.”

The trade deal is critical to Trump’s plans to lift the U.S. sanctions on Iran, a move that could ease economic hardship on the impoverished nation and ease fears of war with Tehran.

The United States and its allies in the Middle East have been pushing hard to strike the Iran deal since Trump’s inauguration last month, but congressional negotiators are still working to get the legislation passed in both chambers of Congress.

Trump’s call for a trade pact with Iran came as Congress is working to finalize its sanctions package.

The sanctions package would require that Congress pass a budget that would prohibit the sale of U.N. weapons to Iran, limit the number of U,S.

troops stationed in Iran and prevent the State Department from using its diplomatic presence in the country.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif told reporters on Sunday that the government is ready for talks with the Trump administration.

“Iran will respond in the strongest possible way to any diplomatic measures,” Zarif said, adding that the United Nations must “re-examine” its policies in the Islamic Republic.