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Hollywood celebrities are coming out in droves to support a new bill in Congress that would end gender-based discrimination in the entertainment industry, which critics say hurts both women and men.

The Hollywood Reporter first reported on the legislation earlier this month.

The bill was introduced last week by Rep. Jackie Speier, a California Democrat and former senior adviser to President Donald Trump, and Rep. Rosa DeLauro, a New York Democrat.

It would also prohibit the use of stereotypes and stereotypes of women or people of color.

“Women and men of all backgrounds are all talented and deserve equal pay and opportunities for equal work,” Speier said in a statement on Friday.

“We cannot continue to ignore the experiences of women and people of all races, gender identities, and sexual orientations in this country.

This legislation will help ensure equal pay for equal hours.”

DeLauros bill would require the pay of employees who work for organizations that are either owned or controlled by men and require a minimum wage of $15 an hour.

The legislation would also require companies to provide paid family leave for employees who are pregnant or breast-feeding.

The measure has been introduced in the House of Representatives twice before, but Speier’s legislation would make it the first time Congress has taken a stand on the issue.

“In the workplace, women are paid less than men and their experiences of sexual harassment and assault are just as common,” DeLauos bill reads.

“That’s why we must act now to protect women and all our communities from harassment and violence.”

“We must act soon to end this insidious practice of gender discrimination and ensure that the pay gap in Hollywood remains a thing of the past,” she added.

In a statement to The Wall Streets Journal, a representative for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said the legislation “would not change any workplace protections” but it would make companies “more aware of the need to protect employees from discrimination.”

“These efforts will help us move the conversation forward on the most important issue facing our industry, to ensure that women and minorities have equal opportunities, and to ensure the best performers of all genders and backgrounds receive the respect and pay they deserve,” the statement read.

“This is a critical moment in our country, and we are working closely with Congress and our allies to ensure this bill passes, which will provide real relief to women and the families that depend on them.”

The Hollywood community has come out in support of the legislation, with members of the media, politicians and actors expressing support.

Actress Rosario Dawson said she would be “happy to support this bill.”

“I think that this is a good thing, that we can start to move the needle,” Dawson told ABC News.

Actress Melissa McCarthy told the Wall Street Reporter she supports the bill, saying it would “open the door to pay equity in the industry.”

Actress Sarah Paulson tweeted that she supports it and that she “would be supportive” of the bill.

Actress Ellen Page told the newspaper that she’s “all in.”

“It’s about fairness,” Page said.

“It is about equity.”

Actress and producer Angelina Jolie said she’d be “supportive” of it.

Actress and actress Rose McGowan said she’s against it.

Actor and producer Brad Pitt said he’d be supportive.

Actor Tom Hanks told the Journal that the bill is “not about women,” but “about fairness” and “a great change in the culture.”

Actress Patricia Arquette told the paper she supports a “new kind of work.”

Actor and comedian John Cusack tweeted that he supports the legislation.

Actor Jon Voight tweeted that his daughter “would support” the bill and would be supportive of it as well.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence tweeted she would support it and “love it.”

Actress Amber Heard tweeted that the legislation is “really good.”

Actor David Oyelowo tweeted that it “is a great idea.”

Actor Danny DeVito tweeted that “we should support this.”

Actor Chris Pratt tweeted that “#StopIt” is his name.

Actor Kevin Spacey tweeted that there’s “still hope” for the industry.

Actor Brad Pitt tweeted that they “should all be #StopIt.”

Actor Michael J. Fox tweeted that all actors should be #stopit.

Actor Jamie Foxx tweeted that #Stopit is his first tweet on this.

Actor Amy Schumer tweeted that you can “support the women” and said it “hasn’t happened yet.”

Actress Olivia Munn tweeted that, “If you support equal pay, you should be in this movement.”

Actress Rose Byrne tweeted that a “great way to show my support for equality” is to donate to the campaign.

Actor James Franco tweeted that when he’s asked “if he’d like to do the movie,” he responds “No.”

Actor George Clooney tweeted that this will “save us from the sexist Hollywood culture.”

Actor James Woods tweeted that we have to “stop the discrimination.”

Actor John Cusk tweeted that if you