Nike has a new design for its Nike Air Max x Nike Air Force 1 shoes

Nike has announced that the Air Force 2 will come with a new Nike AirMax x Nike Sportswear collection, including a new “Nike Air Force” colorway.

The Air Force 3 will include a new Air Max colorway with a white midsole and a white sole, and Nike will release a white-to-red Nike AirForce 1 x Nike Elite Trainer in the new colorway as well.

In a statement, Nike said: “With Nike’s dedication to the most innovative technologies and technologies in the world, we’ve been building our entire portfolio around the Air Max, a signature design for the brand and its customers.”

The Nike Airmax x Nike Pro 3 Air Force is a bold, bold Nike product with a bold new look and feel.

“Nike also said it would be releasing two new Nike Boost x Nike Boost 5.0 x Nike FuelBand in-store and online in the US, and a new pair of Nike AirSpeed Boost in-stores and online.

Nike said it will release the AirMax 4 x Nike Poweramp in-stock and online on Monday, February 17, at the New York City Nike Store.

The shoes are also set to be available in the UK on Wednesday, February 19, and on Friday, February 20, in the Nike Shop in the Netherlands.