Man with brain injury dies in hospital after being rushed to hospital by paramedics

A man who suffered a brain injury when he fell down a steep embankment in the Adelaide Hills has died in hospital, police say.

Key points:The 32-year-old man was taken to Adelaide Hospital on Saturday, where he was pronounced deadOn Friday, police said the man was pronounced brain deadHe was the fourth person to die of an apparent brain injury in South Australia since the end of the yearPolice say they are looking for the man who fell from the embankments of the Gurdwara at Tullamarine on Friday night.

“There was a man on the embanks and the man fell, it was unfortunate he did, he fell, and the other two fell on him,” Acting Sergeant John Collins said.

“He had a large head injury and it appeared that he was a bit shaken up.”

“We’ve spoken to him and he’s spoken to us.”

We’ll have a bit of a look through his medical records to see what we can do.

“His wife and kids are safe and well.”

The man, who had not been identified, was taken by ambulance to Adelaide’s Royal Adelaide Hospital after he fell off a steep cliff.

“It was quite scary, quite a bit down there,” he said.”(I was) going up the embanking and I fell and it hit me and then it hit the side of the embanked part and then I went down.”

I didn’t know what I was going to do.

It was just a scary situation.”‘

It’s a very dangerous place to fall’The man suffered a severe brain injury and was pronounced in hospital on Friday.

Police said he was the third person to have died from an apparent head injury in the South Australian region since the start of the new year.”

The circumstances surrounding the man’s death are very concerning,” Acting Superintendent Collins said in a statement.”

While the circumstances surrounding his death are still under investigation, the incident is being investigated as a tragic accident and we will be seeking to assist the family with the care they require.

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