How to watch the Oscars live online

The live Oscars telecast has been delayed by two days, the Los Angeles Times reported on Sunday, as the Oscars have been plagued by delays in the past week.

The delay was confirmed by the Oscars themselves on Sunday afternoon.

The show will begin live at 8 p.m.

PT on Sunday.

The Oscars have also been delayed for two days by a software update that could make the live stream difficult for some users.

The Live Oscars update, which is currently not available for users in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, will be rolled out globally starting at 10:30 p.t. on Sunday evening, according to the Oscars’ website.

The updates are scheduled to roll out worldwide over the next week, but they have been postponed due to a software bug.

The update could result in some users seeing the Oscars broadcast online for the first time.

A statement from the Oscars said in a statement that “we are currently working to resolve this issue, which should take some time to resolve.”

The Oscars are scheduled for Sunday at 10 p.l.m., ET, on ABC.