How India’s ‘diversity’ plan is being rolled out for the 2019-20 school year

The plan has come under fire for not being inclusive of the communities it is supposed to benefit.

In the run up to the 2019 school year, the government is yet to set up an “inclusive” board and education officer to help schools find qualified teachers and students.

In its latest update, the Department of Education (DoE) has not said whether this will be mandatory for teachers in the next few years.

Instead, the department is now working on a framework to ensure that “a high level of diversity is ensured in the hiring process and the recruitment process.”

The DoE said it has created a panel of experts, who will be tasked with creating an inclusive plan to help ensure the “best possible experience” for teachers, including “all stakeholders including parents, students, staff, students and stakeholders.”

The panel is also working to create a curriculum for teaching and learning.

In a separate statement, the Education Ministry said it would provide an interim roadmap for teachers’ recruitment, training and mentoring.

The ministry said the roadmap would cover all aspects of teacher recruitment, including recruitment and training of teachers, the provision of mentoring for teachers and the provision for an inclusive curriculum.

Teachers’ unions and some social justice activists have raised concerns over the inclusion of a diversity advisory panel, saying the DoE has not done enough to ensure the inclusion and diversity of the teaching workforce.

The DoE says it is working on this.

The plan is meant to help “create a better teaching environment in schools,” said the department, adding that the government will “continue to work to achieve this through the inclusion, diversity and inclusion of teachers in our schools.”