Which Mexican rapper is the hottest? – Exclusive exclusive group news

Mexico’s Top 40 rappers, by number of singles sold and top chart position, will be crowned in a contest this weekend, the country’s music regulator announced Monday.

The announcement came in a joint press conference between the National Commission for Music and Culture (CNDMC) and the countrys music companies, and marked the end of a year-long competition to determine the top 40.

The contest began in 2015, when Mexico launched a popular music streaming service, and the results have since been announced by a panel of artists.

The top 10 rappers by sales have been announced, as well as the top five chart positions and the Top 40 in the country.

The contestants were chosen by a group of Mexican musicians, and they include the likes of DJ Polo, Mase, Phelim Acuña, and El Chapo Guzmán.

The winners will be announced on May 12.

The group of judges will be chosen by the Mexican government, which will decide which of the rappers will take home the prestigious award.

The CNDMC has been tasked with overseeing the country, which is experiencing a boom in music following the death of its longtime dictator, Felipe Calderón.

“Today’s event will help us to establish our policies on music, as the government has an obligation to promote and promote music in a responsible manner,” said CNDGM director María Rosario, who will be overseeing the judging process.

“As we prepare for the May elections, the CNDGC has already started implementing the new music policies.

This will help to protect the future of music in the nation.”

A new industry boom The number of songs available on streaming platforms, and in particular, the amount of data available to producers, has exploded in recent years, as has the demand for new music.

As a result, music producers have had to find new ways to distribute and monetize their music.

The latest innovation is the social media platform Periscope, which allows artists to post videos and upload audio files to Instagram.

As the number of streams of songs has soared, so has the number and type of songs produced and sold on the platform.

Last year, Periscopes generated over 1.6 billion views, which was nearly the same as YouTube.

“This will be the biggest music industry event in the world, so it’s important that we continue to innovate and bring new content to the market,” said Periscopters president and CEO Rodrigo Salazar.

The competition will also allow the CNTM to see how popular music is in the home country.

“We are in the middle of a revolution that is bringing music to the people,” said Luis Fábregas, director of the music department of the CNGM.

“It’s an exciting time for Mexico, and music is a key part of that revolution.”