When does the next Xbox 360 launch roll out?

The next Xbox console to launch is still months away, but that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from making sure that its competitors are aware of its plans to push their own exclusives onto the console.

According to a new report, Microsoft is planning to launch an exclusive console bundle for the next console that is set to include “XBox 360 exclusives”, which will only be available for the PS3.

The PS4 and Xbox One have already been announced to feature their own “XB1” titles, which is a separate console from the existing Xbox series.

The Xbox 360 will be the first Xbox to feature an exclusive Xbox exclusive, and it seems like this bundle will also include an Xbox One exclusive, as Microsoft is targeting a launch date of May 6, 2017.

The new bundle will include the Xbox 360 exclusive, the Xbox One and Xbox X content, as well as the Xbox and PS4 gamepad controllers.

Microsoft also confirmed that Xbox One players will get a discount on the bundle price when it goes on sale later this year.