Is there a reason to think the New York Times isn’t biased?

Now that the New England Patriots have clinched the AFC Championship Game over the Indianapolis Colts in a wild Super Bowl win, we know that most of the media is paying attention to this team.

Even though they lost to the New Orleans Saints in the Super Bowl, this team is the most popular in sports media.

It’s not surprising that the NFL is a bit of a media darling, but what does that make us?

Is there really a reason for us to be so fascinated by this team?

The answer is probably yes.

As we’ve seen in the past few years, the Patriots and NFL are inextricably intertwined.

The Patriots have a great relationship with the media, and the Patriots are known to be the most loyal and well-connected sports team in the world.

The New England media has been a force to be reckoned with for years, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

There is one thing the Patriots don’t have to worry about: their team.

This team is very close to the NFL, and while we all know they have some very talented players, they aren’t going to be able to beat any NFL team.

They don’t need to compete with the best teams in the league, and if the Patriots play their cards right, they could actually take the AFC title.

This is not to say that the Patriots will win the Super Bests in 2018 and 2019.

They won’t, and we shouldn’t be shocked if the team falls short of the championship.

The reason that this team has such a big following is because of the way that they play.

This is an NFL team that uses the ball very efficiently, and that’s not the type of offense that many teams use.

While we can’t ignore the offensive line, the secondary, and other aspects of this team, the fact remains that the team is built to beat the best.

The Patriots don “take the ball out” on offense.

The offense revolves around the running game, and this has worked for them for the past three seasons.

New England averaged over 5 yards per carry in the regular season, which was the second-highest rate of any team in football.

If the Patriots can get their guys on the field at a high level, they should be able put up some big numbers.

The running game was also the team’s best strength in 2017, as they averaged over 30 yards per game and had a rushing touchdown on eight occasions.

In 2018, the Pats averaged over 7.2 yards per play, and they added another touchdown on a fourth-and-goal from the 1-yard line.

This combination of speed, speed and quickness will be able help them to dominate opponents.

The key to this offense is the Patriots ability to use their ground game to their advantage.

In 2017, New England had the second highest ground game in the NFL (behind only the Los Angeles Rams).

The Patriots ran for over 1,000 yards on the ground in each of the last two seasons, which is why we’re seeing the team play such a potent running game in 2018.

While the Patriots run defense was the worst in football last season, it should not be overlooked because of their ground games.

The team is known to play great in the trenches, and with the likes of Trey Flowers, Logan Ryan, and Logan Ryan Jr. on the team, they have a strong ground game.

This will help New England have success in the run game, as well as in the passing game.

The New England offense also uses its passing game to its advantage.

With a number of receivers on the roster, New Patriots are able to use the open field and get the ball into the hands of their receivers.

This creates big opportunities for the team to run or pass with ease.

This gives New England a chance to run the ball, get the first down, and then have the opportunity to move the ball on the other side of the field.

It also allows the Patriots to score on the scoreboard.

The Pats average over 1.3 yards per rush on the season, and their rushing yards per attempt averaged 5.9 yards per completion, which ranked fifth in the entire league.

The lack of turnovers and the ability to win the ball game make the Patriots offense so dangerous that they are likely to win Super Bowls in the future.

The only thing that the Pats will need to do is get better.

This offense can’t go anywhere, but it can be improved.

New Patriots players can improve their game with experience, but they will need more.

If New England doesn’t have a lot of weapons at quarterback and running back, the team could get sloppy on offense and get blown out in the first half.

This would be devastating to the Patriots, and when you have a team that is as talented as the Patriots have been, it will be difficult to keep up.

The best way to get better