India’s largest online marketplace to launch in China – CNet

India’s biggest online marketplace will launch in the Chinese mainland in September, according to Chinese internet giant CNet.

The new online marketplace, dubbed “BidZ, is part of the Alibaba Group’s “One China” strategy aimed at improving relations between the two countries, which were at odds over the latter’s decision to recognise Beijing as the official language of the Communist Party.

Alibaba has already been in China for a number of years and its marketplaces have attracted thousands of businesses, including major Chinese media companies such as Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, Baidu Inc, Tencent Holdings Ltd and Tencent Media Co.

The Chinese company, which has been accused of suppressing free speech and of violating internet freedom in the past, has faced strong criticism in recent years for its attempts to promote Chinese culture.

Its bidz is part and parcel of the efforts to create a better Chinese-language ecosystem for Chinese consumers.

It is also seen as a way to connect the company to the growing online Chinese market.

Bidz has more than 1 million users in China, and the site has grown to be the third largest online shopping portal in the country after Taobao and Alibaba.

The company has also announced a number to the online marketplace that will be available through a new portal called “Baidu Z,” which is intended to be more convenient for Chinese users, as well as for international customers, according, CNet quoted Alibaba Group Chief Executive Officer Liu Yuanqing as saying.CNet said it has reached out to Bidz for further details on the new portal.