Google News for Android 6 and 7 has ‘more news’ section

New version of Google News has ‘More news’ feature which lets you browse through more news articles without having to swipe to the top of the page.

The feature allows users to browse articles with news from various sources and subscribe to the latest articles without scrolling to the bottom of the screen.

The new version of the news app also features a ‘new tab’ which lets users browse through content that is being posted or shared.

The feature was first announced by Google’s Eric Schmidt in November last year.

Google says the new version will come in the coming weeks, which will also see updates to the news feed, which now offers users the ability to choose to see the latest news articles as soon as they are published.

Users will also be able to view recent updates on the newsfeed by scrolling through the ‘Recent News’ section, which has a number of new additions, including an updated feed for ‘news related topics’.

A Google spokesperson said the new feature was designed to make it easier for people to discover new content from sources they are familiar with.