Why does ‘Parks and Recreation’ still dominate the TV ratings?

Parks and Rec is still the top show on the NBC network, with a season of six episodes in its top 10 spot, according to Nielsen ratings.

It’s not the only show with a high ratings score.

Last season, The Big Bang Theory had a 5.2 rating, The Voice had a 4.9, and Game of Thrones had a 3.8.

The ratings for Parks and Rec, which aired for a total of eight seasons, were the highest of any network, even though the show has been canceled for the past four seasons.

Pawn Stars, another ABC show that had been renewed for a fifth season, scored an average of 2.1, but the season averaged just 0.8 in Nielsen ratings, down slightly from a season earlier.

This year, the show’s ratings have been a bit better, with 2.4 out of 5 adults 18-49 rating it as a solid show, and 2.2 of 5 in total viewers.

However, the network has also cut back on the number of shows it will air, leaving only three shows left in the top 10: Parks and Recreation, which has a season remaining; Parks and Dragons, which is slated to be renewed for two more seasons; and The Office, which, as it turns out, has not yet been renewed.

The show was renewed for the sixth season, and the renewal was announced last week.

It was also announced that the network would have an all-new sitcom coming out in the spring.

In fact, the new sitcom, titled The Office: The Show, is set to premiere this fall.

But the ratings for the show have been dropping as well, with an average score of just 0,000 in the last month.

And if you look at the number in total viewership, it’s now down by 1,000.

So it looks like the ratings are dropping even more, and it’s becoming harder to find a show with an all new sitcom.

“It’s really hard to find any kind of solid show that is going to get renewed in the fall,” said Adam Gopnik, an analyst at comScore.

“There’s just not a show on NBC that’s got a high enough ratings average to warrant a second season.”

That’s especially true for shows that haven’t been renewed yet, which means that any shows that don’t make it to the fall season will be the first ones to be cut.

And even if the show is renewed, it won’t be the last.

In 2018, the ratings were down by more than 4,000, according the New York Times.

It is unclear what the future holds for Parks, which hasn’t been canceled since 2009, and there have been rumors that it could be moved to Saturday nights to accommodate the growing popularity of shows like The Big Bads, Parks and Friends, and Friends and Family.

But NBC will likely announce that the show will stay in the lineup in the coming weeks.