When it comes to the new world of ‘Twerk’, the world will be ‘more fun’: The new world…

The first episode of the new season of ‘Daruvu’ aired on Tuesday.

The drama, starring Daznaya, is set in the world of the Twerk, which involves “thousands of young dancers who come together for one of the biggest and most popular shows in the country”.

It is an extremely competitive world with a lot of rules and regulations, and “in some ways, it’s more fun”, Dazniya told reporters on Tuesday during a press conference.

She said she is hoping for a “new world” of “dramatic” dance. 

“I hope that we can have more fun,” she added.

Daznayya also shared the story of how she met a friend, the legendary dancer Rachid, during the first episode.

The pair became friends at the start of the first season, and she has since been invited to his show.

Rachid is known for his “giant hands”, which are said to “control” people, she said.

“I feel that it is the first time that I will have a chance to dance with Rachis hands.

I don’t know if that will be the case in the new episode,” Dazna said. 

The first episode is set to air on Wednesday.