How to make sure your new smartphone or tablet can be an essential part of your daily life

An Indian-origin software developer says that if you are a Muslim, you need to take precautions to ensure that your smartphone or laptop can’t be used to send or receive information from a known or suspected terrorist group.

Mohammad Naseeruddin, a native of the western city of Delhi, has been writing for various news and opinion sites for the past 10 years and is one of the co-founders of a company called Alias Intelligence.

The company’s software, which is available for free on Android, is meant to help developers avoid potential risks of having their applications used in an attack, including from hackers, malware, or governments.

The software, dubbed Alias Insight, is not only used by software developers to monitor their own apps but also by the intelligence services and the police to monitor potential criminals.

Alias Insight is designed to help people monitor the usage of their devices by government, social media companies, and the media, Nasee said in an interview with The Jerusalem Report.

The software, he added, is also used by law enforcement agencies to track people they suspect of involvement in terrorism.

The company says it has received a number of requests for Alias’s software in the past few years, with the company estimating that about half a million users are currently using it.

Alias uses its software to track devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The application is also included in the security suite used by many software companies, such as Microsoft and Google, according to Nasees company.

Nasees software is currently used by the Indian government, the Indian police, and many of the companies listed above, such in the case of Microsoft, which uses the software to keep tabs on Windows, the software used by some governments to keep track of their citizens, and social media platforms such as Facebook, which monitors users.

While some of the apps used by government agencies, including the Indian Army, are also used for monitoring and controlling people, such monitoring can be conducted by a variety of other agencies, Naseruddin said.

Almas Insight tracks the activities of people using its software and helps the intelligence agencies to determine if there is a connection between an individual and an alleged terrorist group, according a news release announcing the launch of the app.

Nases’ company has received about 30,000 applications for Almas’ software.

He said that since the launch, more than half a dozen companies have begun using the software.

Almas’ application also provides information about suspicious activity that could result in the installation or activation of malware on computers.

However, Nases said that the company cannot disclose how many of its apps are used by people in India.

“We cannot say if they are 100 percent accurate or not,” he said.

“But we can say that about 50 percent of them are used.”

He added that it is possible that the apps are being used by individuals because they are using Alias for routine tasks such as checking the battery level and other data.

But there is no guarantee that Alias will prevent people from accessing malicious information, said Nase.

The government is also using Almas for monitoring people who are using the app, which includes monitoring the apps of mobile operators, government agencies and other private entities.

In a separate press release, the government said that it has deployed Almas on more than 2.5 million devices, including more than 30,800 police agencies and about 400 private entities, in the country.

“If you are an IT user, you have a lot of personal information that can be shared with anyone,” Nase said.

“And it’s possible that people are using your personal data to monitor your activities.

And the government is spying on you.”

The police have also been using Alms to monitor people who use apps that are used to monitor or track people, Nased said.

He added that the use of Alias is being monitored by the police and the Indian intelligence agencies.

“You can’t hide it.

You cannot hide it,” he added.

Alms is one more tool the government has in its arsenal to monitor and control people, said Sami Sheshon, a research fellow at the Center for Cyber and Homeland Security at Johns Hopkins University.

The Indian government has deployed the app on nearly 7 million smartphones and tablets in India, which has about 20 percent of the world’s population.

Alms also has been used in several countries including the United Kingdom, Australia, the Netherlands, and Israel, according the company.

Alas Insight can be used by any Indian citizen or resident, said Sheson.

The security threat of software is real, but this does not mean that all citizens need to be concerned, he said, noting that the software is not designed to prevent terrorists from accessing sensitive information, only to protect people.

“The only thing that can stop terrorists from doing bad things is a government that has the right tools,” Shesont