How to use the hashtag #AskTheBishop

It’s the perfect time to ask the bishop for a comment.

The bishop is the spiritual head of a parish in Virginia, where the topic of homosexuality has been the subject of controversy.

Since the announcement of the first-ever U.S. bishops conference in 2013, many bishops have spoken out against the practice of gay marriage and have faced widespread backlash.

Bishop Joseph O’Connor of Rochester, New York, was among the bishops who said last year that his parish should not celebrate same-sex weddings.

Bishop Edward O’Brien of St. Thomas More in Kentucky said he did not support same-gender unions, and in 2015 he publicly opposed same- sex marriages in his diocese in Louisville, Kentucky.

Last month, the Episcopal Church released a statement saying that it will allow gay couples to marry and ordain, though the church said the new policy does not apply to married couples.