Which South African football team is the most underrated?

South Africa is a relatively small country, but it has produced some world-class players over the past decade.

There are some South Africans who would consider themselves elite.

The likes of Michael Kruger, Kasey Palmer, Jacques Kallis, Peter Shilton and Will Smith all played for the national side.

That’s a lot of talent, but is it really the best South African team?

ESPN’s SportsNation has done some work with our panel of experts to find out.

The results are in.

Which South Africa football team can you root for?


South Africa A: This team has had some big moments this year, including a run to the final of the World Cup.

It also had some of the best seasons in the history of the sport in 2016, including an amazing run of form that saw it qualify for the World Championships.

But it hasn’t been the most successful team of the last decade.

That honor belongs to the team that has had the most talent over the years.

If you’ve been following South Africa closely over the last couple of years, you might have noticed that the side is a bit more difficult to root for than some other South African teams.

A lot of the key players are gone, and the South African national side has a lot to prove in 2018.

The only player in the squad who hasn’t played in a major international tournament is Will Smith, who left for England in the summer of 2017.

If he’s to get another crack, he’ll need to prove he’s worthy of the job.

If Smith is to prove that he can lead South Africa to success, the team needs to put in a show.

He’s the best player on the field right now.


Australia A: The only thing that Australia has going for it in 2018 is that they’re young.

The national team was born in 1998 and has been in the country for 10 of those 11 seasons.

They have players like Mitchell Starc, Ben Barba and Josh Kennedy who were part of the 1996 World Cup squad and are playing their final seasons for their country.

They also have two World Cup-winning stars, Michael Ennis and James Harmes.

The fact that the team has won so many matches in such a short period of time also helps Australia to look forward to 2018.

They’ll have to prove they’re capable of beating the likes of Germany and Italy in the World Cups, but there’s plenty of talent in Australia.

They just need to play better than they did in 2018 to take that next step forward.


Argentina A: There’s no doubt that Argentina has been a big contender for a World Cup berth this decade.

They’ve qualified for the final four of the Confederations Cup in 2014, and are aiming to make history in 2018 by becoming the first team to qualify for three consecutive tournaments.

But there’s been a few ups and downs since then.

The Argentine team has struggled mightily at times, and in a lot the games that Argentina play are just not good enough.

The Argentina side also lost a number of key players in the offseason, including captain and All Black Ma’a Nonu.

Still, Argentina has shown a lot more promise in the past two years than some of its opponents in South Africa.

It just needs to play a better match.


France A: France has been the best team in the world for most of the past five years.

The side was runner-up to Germany at the 2014 World Cup, and won the 2015 Rugby World Cup with an exciting team.

But in 2018, the French were never in the Champions League and were knocked out of the 2019 World Cup by Japan.

They’re also a team that can take some knocks in 2018: the side lost star star winger Lionel Messi to Barcelona in the winter transfer window.

That leaves a void in the side.

The French have to find some form if they want to win another World Cup title.


Germany A: Germany hasn’t won a World Championship since 2006, and they’ve lost some key players over that time.

But their core of superstars still hold up well in the most recent edition of the competition.

The German team also features star forward Julian Weigl, and will look to keep up their form this year with the help of All Blacks captain Richie McCaw.

Germany has also shown a little bit of promise this season, and that was aided by the emergence of All Black flanker Beauden Barrett.

But the team’s struggles in 2018 will make them question whether they can make it to the next World Cup after all.


Australia: This might seem like a weird pick for a team, but the South Australian side has been one of the most consistent performers over the two decades.

This side has won the World Cricket League, South African Cup, South Africa Cup and the 2015 Commonwealth Games, and is a big part of South Africa’s World Cup plans.

But a lot has happened since the 2006 World Cup