Mathrubhomi’s Mathrubhi – a mathematical comedy about mathematics

The mathrubhimi series has been hailed as the most popular math comedy on YouTube in India.

Mathrubhy is the second best-selling video on YouTube for Indian language.

In January, Mathrubhani released its first video, Mathhudhumi.

Its first video was a viral hit, earning the series more than 50 million views in six months.

The series has also received awards, including the prestigious Vidya Bharati Award.

Mathhurumi’s director Rajesh Kumar Mishra says the series has inspired other videos in the series, and that he would like to keep making it.

“I don’t know how to do it properly, but it is very exciting,” he said.

“The success of the series is the result of all the hard work.

We had to create something for the Indian market, and we did that.

We have created a unique kind of humor.

I am a big fan of the humor of Mathrubhai.

We are working on making more videos and more episodes.

I have no plans to stop,” Mishra said.

Mathhudi has received awards from India’s prestigious Academy of Cinema Arts and Sciences, the Indian Academy of Arts and Entertainment, the Science Media Centre of India and the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

It is also one of the few Indian channels with a dedicated comedy channel.

The creators of Mathhuden have been featured on the news section of Times Now and many other news outlets.

In a series of videos, Mathhurudi’s cast of characters includes two mathematicians, two physicists and a computer programmer.

The first two episodes of Mathhuriyim premiered on the channel in March this year.

In February, Mathturhi uploaded another episode, Mathrabi, and this time it was called Mathrabbi.

In both videos, the two mathematicists are talking about math.

In Mathrabee, the physicist and the computer programmer are arguing about whether to create a quantum computer or a physical one.

In this episode, the physicists point out that quantum computing has been demonstrated in the lab, while the physicists say quantum computing is impossible because it is not possible to calculate in a physical laboratory.

“We are trying to do a lot of fun.

The content is quite silly and fun, but we have tried to put it in a good light,” Mishura said.

The episodes are also available for free on the Mathrubhashis channel.