Google Now is a bad app for users with disabilities, a survey says – NDTV exclusive

Google Now, a new mobile app launched by Google on Thursday, aims to make users of the Android operating system more comfortable with their personal information.

The new app is called Google Now and it is aimed at people with disabilities who are trying to make sense of their lives.

Google Now has already been downloaded by more than 200 million people in India and over 2 billion people around the world.

The app will give users a way to search for a specific word or phrase, which is then matched with a photo of the person.

It will also help users with autism spectrum disorders, dementia and hearing and speech difficulties.

According to a survey by the India Institute of Medical Sciences, an expert body that looks into the issues of information technology in the country, people with cognitive impairments or disabilities have been most concerned about Google Now.

They were also more likely to have questions about their personal data, the report said.

“The more users have access to Google Now the more they will use it.

People with cognitive impairment or disabilities may also be more sensitive about privacy concerns,” said Rajesh Shah, the head of the institute.

The researchers, who did the research from a network of experts across India, surveyed about 300 people with an average age of 55, across a range of cognitive and hearing impairments.

Among them, there were 55 people with speech disorders and 55 with speech and hearing disabilities.

They were asked questions such as: “What is the most important thing I want to know about you?” and “What are some of the best things you can do for me right now?”

They were asked how often they used Google Now during the past week and whether they were comfortable using the app.

The study said there were no significant differences in usage across different cognitive and speech impairment groups.

“People with disabilities are a big group.

Many people with those disabilities are also visually impaired, so they are not necessarily able to use the Google Now functionality,” said Shah.

The new app will also provide them with other information such as a summary of what has happened in their lives and an overview of their interests, he added.

The company’s head of Android, Sundar Pichai, said in a statement that Google Now aims to help people who need it to feel more at ease and make their lives more manageable.

“As we work to build the world’s most ubiquitous, universally accessible, universally usable and universally trusted digital home, we are constantly exploring new ways to empower people with limited or no access to the internet,” he said.