Which NFL teams are the most entertaining?

The best NFL teams have more fun than the NFL average.

That’s according to a new survey of fans by FanGraphs, which asked fans about the best teams, teams with the best fan bases and teams with teams with players with “high fan interest and high ratings.”

The survey, which was released Friday, found that the Cowboys are the only NFL team that had more fun to watch than its average audience.

They had more fans than the average for the NFL over the past five years, with more than 2.2 million fans.

That puts them in a league with two teams, the Giants and Bears, that are both among the best in the NFL, but still have lower average viewership.

The Giants were second in the survey with 3.5 million fans and the Bears were third with 3 million.

They are followed by the Texans (3.1 million), Titans (2.7 million) and Bengals (2 million).

The Browns were the only team to crack the top 20, with 4.1 per cent of the fans in the poll.

The Texans, Titans and Bengals had their lowest ratings ever, while the Steelers were third, with a ratings of 3.2 per cent.

The Cowboys, by contrast, had the second-lowest average viewership of any team in the study, with just over 2.3 million fans tuning in.

They also had a lower average audience than the teams with a fan base of more than 1 million fans, with fewer than 4 per cent tuning in on average.

This is the first time the survey has asked fans what their favourite NFL team is.

In the past, it has asked the fans to rate their team on a scale of 1 to 10, with the higher the score, the more fun the team is to watch.

In this year’s survey, fans were asked to rate the Cowboys at one point, but the team didn’t have the same level of popularity as it did in previous years.

The survey said that the NFL has seen its average viewership drop by 5 per cent this year, which is lower than last year, when the average fell by 7 per cent, according to FanGraph.

It also said that overall viewership has dropped by about 10 per cent in recent years.

Fans are not happy about the decline, as they say that the fans should not be forced to watch the NFL on TV when they don’t want to, because the league needs to make more money from the games.

The NFL says that fans are willing to pay for the games but also that the ratings are down because of more viewers watching on mobile devices.

Fans said that they don`t think the ratings will improve if they are forced to pay to watch on TV.

It is not the first year that the league has faced criticism for being too boring.

Fans of the Washington Redskins were upset when they watched the first round of the playoffs last season, and there were concerns that the first two games of the Super Bowl would be too boring, with teams playing each other for too long.

Fans also had problems with the Denver Broncos, who lost to the Denver Chargers last year and the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs this year.

The Broncos have faced criticism in the past for not being entertaining, with fans complaining that they were too boring to watch, but that is not an accurate assessment.

The fans are unhappy with the NFL.

They feel that the games are boring and don` t like the teams they watch.

They just want to see a better game.

They want to watch something they like.

It`s not the only time that fans have complained about the lack of entertainment.

Fans have also complained about how the games have been played, which has led to calls for the league to bring back the “Halloween game.”

The NFL has said that it will bring back Halloween in the future, but has not provided a timetable for bringing it back.

The popularity of the NFL is also affected by how people perceive it, and the ratings of the teams.

Fans feel that they are being treated unfairly when the teams have low ratings, as opposed to when they are not.

The average ratings for teams with at least 1 million average fans was 1.3 per cent on average, according the survey.

That is lower, but it is still higher than the 1.8 per cent average for teams without at least 500,000 average fans.

Fans had high expectations for the Cowboys this season, as fans had high hopes for the Green Party and for the Jets.

Fans who watched the Cowboys were not disappointed by the team.

They felt that the team was the only one in the league that could compete in the NFC East.

They liked that the players were really good and had some good storylines.

They wanted to see more of the team on TV, and they felt that they could see more from the team this year than last.

They thought that the Green and Cowboys were the best team in this league.

However, they also felt that there were other teams that could beat the Cowboys. Fans were