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‘Shootout’ news

News and stories you need to know about the Paris shootings.title Video of Paris shooting shows ‘shooting’ article A video of the Paris shooting is showing people firing a weapon into the air.source Techradar title France: Shooter ‘shot’ but police say he is alive article Police said they had shot and killed the man who […]

Official: Exclusive video of Paris shooting confirms ‘fake news’

BILLINGSBANKS, France – Exclusive video footage of the Paris shooting has been released.According to a statement from the French Interior Ministry, it appears the video is a video shot by a man who had been involved in the shooting on January 7.The video has been uploaded to a YouTube account.The ministry said in the statement […]

Which Xbox exclusive is actually real?

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How to spot fake news: ABC News admits it was responsible for a fake news story about Paris shooting

An article in the Australian newspaper has confirmed what some have said all along – the ABC is responsible for the creation of fake news stories about the Paris attacks.The article in The Age, which has been widely shared on social media, was written by a former ABC News producer and featured a statement from […]