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What you need to know about Ecuador’s latest bitcoin news exclusivity deal

Ecuador’s government is making an unusual deal with the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges to ensure that only Ecuadorians with bank accounts in the country can access the country’s latest cryptocurrency news.The announcement comes amid heightened tensions between Ecuador and the U.S. over the use of cryptocurrencies in commerce and trade.On Monday, Ecuador’s central bank announced it […]

How to get free Netflix movies and TV shows to your phone in 7 easy steps

Exclusive: You can now get free TV shows and movies on your phone without a cable subscription.We recently reported that the iPhone XS Max and XS came with a free movie download option, but now it looks like the app also works on Samsung phones and the Galaxy S8 and S8+ as well.While this doesn’t […]

Which Mexican rapper is the hottest? – Exclusive exclusive group news

Mexico’s Top 40 rappers, by number of singles sold and top chart position, will be crowned in a contest this weekend, the country’s music regulator announced Monday.The announcement came in a joint press conference between the National Commission for Music and Culture (CNDMC) and the countrys music companies, and marked the end of a year-long […]

How to watch TV with Google Now: You can’t miss a moment with this handy guide

What if you’ve always wanted to watch the latest TV shows but had no idea how?Here’s how to stream TV with Android.The first thing you need to know is that Android TV apps have always been limited to watching a handful of channels.You can only access channels you have access to on a smartphone.But now, […]