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What you need to know about Ecuador’s latest bitcoin news exclusivity deal

Ecuador’s government is making an unusual deal with the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges to ensure that only Ecuadorians with bank accounts in the country can access the country’s latest cryptocurrency news.The announcement comes amid heightened tensions between Ecuador and the U.S. over the use of cryptocurrencies in commerce and trade.On Monday, Ecuador’s central bank announced it […]

Brazil to hold World Cup qualifier against Peru on Sunday

Brasilia will host the World Cup Qualifier against Peru in its capital, São Paulo on Sunday.Brazil’s two matches against the former colonial power in the country’s third consecutive edition of the World Championship are expected to be the most important in the team’s preparations for the 2017 tournament.The Confederations Cup hosts Chile, Colombia and Costa […]

How to Survive the World’s Most Dangerous Flood

Posted February 13, 2019 06:01:31 When a massive flood strikes, life can become difficult for people living in flood-prone areas.As we’ve previously discussed, the floods can also lead to more extreme weather events, including heat waves and droughts.That’s where Noah’s Ark comes in.As Noah and his family escaped from the Ark, they were transported to […]

How to make sure your medication stays within its intended dosage

You need to take your medication in the correct dosage, says Dr. Brian McLeod.Here’s how to do it.Read More , but the amount of the medication may be very different from one patient to another.There’s a lot of confusion and misinformation out there, McLeod says.And you’re more likely to run into someone who has a […]

How to create a community that loves you, but you can’t really join?

Polygon has learned from a source familiar with a proposal to expand a program that helps members of the LGBTQIA community find jobs, access education and more.The program is called the LGBTQI Workforce Opportunities Network (QWEN) and was launched in 2015, but has been on hold in light of the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize […]