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What you need to know about Ecuador’s latest bitcoin news exclusivity deal

Ecuador’s government is making an unusual deal with the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges to ensure that only Ecuadorians with bank accounts in the country can access the country’s latest cryptocurrency news.The announcement comes amid heightened tensions between Ecuador and the U.S. over the use of cryptocurrencies in commerce and trade.On Monday, Ecuador’s central bank announced it […]

What happens when a billionaire goes rogue?

The Washington, D.C. paper published an article Sunday that showed that former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was arrested in Mexico City on drug trafficking charges.The newspaper said that Hunter Biden was arrested after a Mexican police official identified him as a “senior” to the drug lord who was behind the murder of […]

India to cut $10bn in tariffs on imported diesel cars in response to diesel-fuel crisis

The country has already cut tariffs on diesel cars by nearly 70% over the last three years and has also taken a step to reduce emissions.However, the government is set to introduce tariffs of up to $10,000 on imported cars from January 1, 2019, which will make imports more expensive.The move is likely to increase […]

How to find out if you’re an exclusive: Insurer or broker?

Insurers and brokers can use a number of different tools to determine if you are an exclusive.Depending on the type of insurer, the types of insurance you have, the policies you have and the policies on your policy, you may be asked to fill out a form.Insurers usually need to get permission from the broker […]