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EA Sports’ Ultimate Team launches with a new game mode

Posted by Ars Technic on August 14, 2019 06:04:18In the wake of the recent news of EA Sports introducing the first official Ultimate Team game mode, EA Sports CEO John Riccitiello has weighed in on the subject, saying that Ultimate Team will have “some fun” with its upcoming release.Speaking to IGN, Riccitio confirmed that EA […]

How ‘Survivor’ star KellyAnne Conway’s mom is suing for $100 million over ‘Survive the Night’ quote

KellyAnne Clifford’s mother filed a lawsuit Tuesday seeking $100,000 in damages for the tweet that said Conway had won the competition.The tweet, which was retweeted by Conway, said she had “survived the night.”Conway later apologized and said she never said that.The tweet was removed from the account and deleted.Conway tweeted about the tweet after the […]

Naija: We’re Not Going Back to a Bad Place

New Scientist article We’ve got the next generation of artificial intelligence on our hands.A team of researchers from Oxford University has developed an artificial neural network that can recognise and understand human faces and facial expressions.This artificial intelligence system can also recognise human speech, and even the sound of your voice.The team, which includes Oxford […]

How to watch the first two episodes of ‘Supergirl’ exclusively on Netflix exclusive

With Supergirl premiering this Friday on Netflix, we are finally getting the first full episode of the CW’s highly anticipated new series.And, as usual, there is one little secret that is worth the wait.The first two shows will be available to stream exclusively on the streaming service exclusively, and for only $1.99 per month.

India launches first commercial drone for search and rescue

New Delhi, Feb. 26, 2021—India has officially launched its first commercial quadcopter, a device that will allow a remote pilot to use it to help search and rescues and monitor the skies.Dubbed a D1, the drone is being developed by the Ministry of Defense and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).It will have a […]