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What happens when the WWE Championship changes hands between Triple H and Daniel Bryan?

Triple H is now the exclusive owner of the WWE’s WWE Title.The new deal with Bryan will give him control of the title until his contract expires at the end of 2018.It is expected to be a short-term deal and the two parties will be free to negotiate.Bryan has previously stated that he plans to […]

When ‘Hard Knocks’ premieres, NFL says ‘there will be no ‘soft-ball’ on the sidelines’

The NFL is no stranger to taking the fight to the game’s toughest opponents.After all, the league’s own first-year commissioner, Roger Goodell, made it clear in January that there would be no soft-ball challenges during games, something the league has been pushing for since the start of the season.Now that “Hard Knock” is officially upon […]

How to watch ESPN on mobile ESPN is finally getting mobile-ready. Here’s how.

ESPN is rolling out the mobile-friendly version of its sports network to the masses.The network is bringing the platform to more than 50 million people across platforms.It’s the network’s largest-ever rollout of mobile, and its first for a sports network.To do so, the network has put together a mobile app called ESPN Mobile, which is […]

Why Nike has its eyes on a Middle East brand

On the eve of the launch of its new “Middle East” line, Nike announced its plans to launch a limited edition range in Jordan.This is the first time the brand has gone into details on its plans, which include a “sporting” line of running shoes, a “lifestyle” line that will feature its signature sneakers, and […]

When you’re ready to have a party, this new game is the best

I’ve read on a gaming platform article The Verge’s article about why “Party Mode” on Xbox One is so popular has been popular.I think we all agree that a lot of games on the platform can benefit from a party mode, even when the party itself isn’t happening.The Xbox One Party Mode, for example, is […]

Tech’s top startups will soon be free to share information in public for the first time in history

Tech companies like Facebook, Apple, Google and Microsoft have been using the “public” keyword to advertise their services in the public sphere.These companies have made it clear that they want their services to be available to everyone.And it seems like there’s nothing stopping them from doing just that.“If you want to use our service, you’re […]