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Hollywood Reporter: Exclusive: Jennifer Lawrence is a ‘natural’ actress. Article By Jessica MihalovicAssociated PressEditor’s note: This

contains material from USA Today’s award-winning film, “Inside Out.”The article is reproduced here as part of the USA TODAY Network’s coverage of the “Inside the Story” series, which aims to shed light on the lives and work of Americans who are shaping our future.About the “Outside the Lines” series:The story of the day is about […]


Exclusive: The Great Beach Breakdown – An all-new documentary exploring the historic, historic sites, and amazing history that made the Great Beach a special place.It is a celebration of the beauty and diversity of the Great Barrier Reef, its rich history, and its iconic history.Watch the documentary here.Watch an exclusive clip of the documentary:

Apple unveils a new Apple Watch model, the Apple Watch Sport model

By now you’ve probably heard of the Apple watch and the new Apple watch Sport, the latest iteration of the highly anticipated Apple Watch.Both devices are currently being manufactured by Apple and both are going up for preorder at Apple retail stores.Apple is not releasing specs for the watches, however, and so you’re left to […]

Nike’s ‘Star Wars’ sneakers have been sold out

The iconic “Star Wars” sneakers sold out in a matter of hours last week, but the company said it has sold out of every pair in its collection.The first batch of Star Wars shoes was first announced back in March at an event in New York, and retailers including Under Armour and Foot Locker have […]

Naija: We’re Not Going Back to a Bad Place

New Scientist article We’ve got the next generation of artificial intelligence on our hands.A team of researchers from Oxford University has developed an artificial neural network that can recognise and understand human faces and facial expressions.This artificial intelligence system can also recognise human speech, and even the sound of your voice.The team, which includes Oxford […]