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How ‘Survivor’ star KellyAnne Conway’s mom is suing for $100 million over ‘Survive the Night’ quote

KellyAnne Clifford’s mother filed a lawsuit Tuesday seeking $100,000 in damages for the tweet that said Conway had won the competition.The tweet, which was retweeted by Conway, said she had “survived the night.”Conway later apologized and said she never said that.The tweet was removed from the account and deleted.Conway tweeted about the tweet after the […]

How to deal with an exclusive story about an Australian politician?

A social exclusion story involving an Australian political figure has sparked a furious backlash, with the online community outraged at the way the story was handled.The article, titled ‘Meet the ‘Australian’ who’s been banned from the country’, features an Australian man in his 50s, who is described as “an outsider and an outsider’s friend” by […]