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Nike and Microsoft unveil a ‘one-of-a-kind’ ad campaign in India, says chief exec

Google’s new advertising campaign for the Xbox One in India is the first such campaign by the world’s biggest technology giant to use a digital medium, with a global focus.Google India, a joint venture between the tech giant and the Indian government, will run a series of ads across social media platforms, in Hindi, Urdu […]

India to cut $10bn in tariffs on imported diesel cars in response to diesel-fuel crisis

The country has already cut tariffs on diesel cars by nearly 70% over the last three years and has also taken a step to reduce emissions.However, the government is set to introduce tariffs of up to $10,000 on imported cars from January 1, 2019, which will make imports more expensive.The move is likely to increase […]

Watch: The Best News and Commentary on the World News website, exclusive news meaning

New York magazine is celebrating the release of its summer issue, which has been an incredibly successful year for the site, with more than 250 million unique visitors and the top stories on the site. The New York issue features some of the best content of the year, including:A look at the top-rated stories from the […]

What to know about the latest update on the US-China war

China says it is sending about 200,000 troops into a strategically important area on the border with South Korea to protect the South Korean and US military installations.A senior military source said on Friday that the Chinese troops were deployed in an area that has become a hotbed of tension between the two nations, the […]