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How CNN’s news team will cover the news, according to new guidelines

A new CNN/USA Today newsroom guide will guide news coverage on campus, including “exclusive news items” and “unrestricted, unscripted, opinion-driven stories.”CNN/USAToday will not use “exclusive or unscriptable content” and will not include “insulting, threatening, or discriminatory content.”The guidelines also include a section on “unrestrained, unedited, opinion driven content.”“The guidelines have been approved by our newsroom […]

India launches first commercial drone for search and rescue

New Delhi, Feb. 26, 2021—India has officially launched its first commercial quadcopter, a device that will allow a remote pilot to use it to help search and rescues and monitor the skies.Dubbed a D1, the drone is being developed by the Ministry of Defense and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).It will have a […]