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‘Shootout’ news

News and stories you need to know about the Paris shootings.title Video of Paris shooting shows ‘shooting’ article A video of the Paris shooting is showing people firing a weapon into the air.source Techradar title France: Shooter ‘shot’ but police say he is alive article Police said they had shot and killed the man who […]

Why Nike has its eyes on a Middle East brand

On the eve of the launch of its new “Middle East” line, Nike announced its plans to launch a limited edition range in Jordan.This is the first time the brand has gone into details on its plans, which include a “sporting” line of running shoes, a “lifestyle” line that will feature its signature sneakers, and […]

Fly News Exclusive: Al Jazeera News Exclusive from the World Food Programme’s World Food Summit in London

The World Food Program is holding its World Food Symposium on May 19-20, in London.The theme is “How we can build a world without hunger”.The event will feature some of the most powerful voices from global agriculture to discuss how to overcome hunger in a world that is now a much smaller place.“The theme of […]

Watch: Justin Trudeau and the Liberals announce their new election platform, which they’ll introduce in 2018

WATCH: Justin Trumps Liberals will announce a new election policy in the next few days, promising a $15 an hour minimum wage, a $100-a-day child care rebate and a new electoral system for ridings across Canada.The Liberals unveiled their platform Thursday and will formally unveil it Friday at a news conference at the Ontario legislature.A […]

India to cut $10bn in tariffs on imported diesel cars in response to diesel-fuel crisis

The country has already cut tariffs on diesel cars by nearly 70% over the last three years and has also taken a step to reduce emissions.However, the government is set to introduce tariffs of up to $10,000 on imported cars from January 1, 2019, which will make imports more expensive.The move is likely to increase […]

How the government is going to change the rules on what is allowed and what is not in the country

The government on Monday passed the draft Bill to amend Section 377 of the IPC to make it a criminal offence for “prostitution” or “sex work” in the state.The Bill was passed after a public hearing held by the state legislature.The government had earlier told the Rajya Sabha that the amended Bill would not change […]