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‘Shootout’ news

News and stories you need to know about the Paris shootings.title Video of Paris shooting shows ‘shooting’ article A video of the Paris shooting is showing people firing a weapon into the air.source Techradar title France: Shooter ‘shot’ but police say he is alive article Police said they had shot and killed the man who […]

When Israel’s nuclear threat becomes reality – A look at the next stages

The article The Israel Defense Forces will not have a nuclear arsenal when the end of the current military operation ends in 2018.The country will have to rely on non-nuclear capabilities to protect its interests and the security of its citizens, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a speech Tuesday.Netanyahu said Israel is not a […]

Google News for Android 6 and 7 has ‘more news’ section

New version of Google News has ‘More news’ feature which lets you browse through more news articles without having to swipe to the top of the page.The feature allows users to browse articles with news from various sources and subscribe to the latest articles without scrolling to the bottom of the screen.The new version of […]