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Which NHL team should you root for this season?

There’s no better time to be rooting for the Philadelphia Flyers than now. The Flyers have the best record in the Eastern Conference, but a late surge in goals and the fact that they have a team that can score from anywhere, will make it hard for anyone to win. Here’s how to root for the Flyers. Ahead […]

Brazil to hold World Cup qualifier against Peru on Sunday

Brasilia will host the World Cup Qualifier against Peru in its capital, São Paulo on Sunday.Brazil’s two matches against the former colonial power in the country’s third consecutive edition of the World Championship are expected to be the most important in the team’s preparations for the 2017 tournament.The Confederations Cup hosts Chile, Colombia and Costa […]

Mathrubhomi’s Mathrubhi – a mathematical comedy about mathematics

The mathrubhimi series has been hailed as the most popular math comedy on YouTube in India.Mathrubhy is the second best-selling video on YouTube for Indian language.In January, Mathrubhani released its first video, Mathhudhumi.Its first video was a viral hit, earning the series more than 50 million views in six months.The series has also received awards, […]

Hollywood Reporter: Exclusive: Jennifer Lawrence is a ‘natural’ actress. Article By Jessica MihalovicAssociated PressEditor’s note: This

contains material from USA Today’s award-winning film, “Inside Out.”The article is reproduced here as part of the USA TODAY Network’s coverage of the “Inside the Story” series, which aims to shed light on the lives and work of Americans who are shaping our future.About the “Outside the Lines” series:The story of the day is about […]