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How to get an A+ grade in maths? This is what I learned from the best teachers in Canada

Mathrubhomi has a mission: to help students develop mathematical skills through the rigorous academic and social environment of a rigorous academic institution.To date, we have received an A grade from the Ontario Mathematical Association (OMA) for each of our teaching programs, a B+ grade for the University of Ottawa’s Teaching Math program, and a B […]

‘Shootout’ news

News and stories you need to know about the Paris shootings.title Video of Paris shooting shows ‘shooting’ article A video of the Paris shooting is showing people firing a weapon into the air.source Techradar title France: Shooter ‘shot’ but police say he is alive article Police said they had shot and killed the man who […]

Mathrubhomi’s Mathrubhi – a mathematical comedy about mathematics

The mathrubhimi series has been hailed as the most popular math comedy on YouTube in India.Mathrubhy is the second best-selling video on YouTube for Indian language.In January, Mathrubhani released its first video, Mathhudhumi.Its first video was a viral hit, earning the series more than 50 million views in six months.The series has also received awards, […]

New U.S. Census report reveals more than 7.5 million households were in poverty in 2016

The U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has released its 2016 Global Poverty and Hunger Report.In 2016, the U.K. recorded a record low level of poverty, with 4.4 million people in poverty, down slightly from the previous year’s 4.7 million.In India, however, the number of people living in poverty stood at 13.1 million, […]

What is the meaning behind the title ‘Odisha-centric’ Nike’s latest design?

Odisha has been the scene of many big, iconic sports logos in the last decade.Here are five iconic brands and their logos.1.Nike Nike has become a key symbol of the nation in its home state of India.The company’s iconic signature shoe has been used on many sports-related ads, including on the Olympic torch, the US […]