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What you need to know about the state of insurance coverage in South Africa

South Africa’s insurer says it has reached a deal with the country’s insurer to begin paying insurers for new patients in the coming months, as the government struggles to make ends meet on the backs of its population.The company’s chief executive said the deal will allow insurers to cover new patients as soon as July […]

Watch: The Best News and Commentary on the World News website, exclusive news meaning

New York magazine is celebrating the release of its summer issue, which has been an incredibly successful year for the site, with more than 250 million unique visitors and the top stories on the site.┬áThe New York issue features some of the best content of the year, including:A look at the top-rated stories from the […]

Blackhawks will not sign Scott Hartnell, but they are ‘looking at’ him as trade chip

Chicago Blackhawks General Manager Stan Bowman says he will not make a trade for Scott Hartworth before the start of the NHL Trade Deadline, but that he is “looking at” him as a possible trade chip.He said that while there are no plans to sign Hartnell at this time, he is still “looking” for trade […]