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Why Nike has its eyes on a Middle East brand

On the eve of the launch of its new “Middle East” line, Nike announced its plans to launch a limited edition range in Jordan.This is the first time the brand has gone into details on its plans, which include a “sporting” line of running shoes, a “lifestyle” line that will feature its signature sneakers, and […]

How to get free Netflix movies and TV shows to your phone in 7 easy steps

Exclusive: You can now get free TV shows and movies on your phone without a cable subscription.We recently reported that the iPhone XS Max and XS came with a free movie download option, but now it looks like the app also works on Samsung phones and the Galaxy S8 and S8+ as well.While this doesn’t […]

‘Bachelor’ season three, season four to start filming this month

The first episode of the fifth season of the ABC hit drama “Bachelor in Paradise” has been filmed in Vancouver, Canada.The production is set to begin shooting this month, with episodes being produced in Vancouver and Sydney.In a statement on the official website for the show, showrunner Josh Matthews said the season will continue to […]