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How to make sure your new smartphone or tablet can be an essential part of your daily life

An Indian-origin software developer says that if you are a Muslim, you need to take precautions to ensure that your smartphone or laptop can’t be used to send or receive information from a known or suspected terrorist group.Mohammad Naseeruddin, a native of the western city of Delhi, has been writing for various news and opinion […]

Is there a reason to think the New York Times isn’t biased?

Now that the New England Patriots have clinched the AFC Championship Game over the Indianapolis Colts in a wild Super Bowl win, we know that most of the media is paying attention to this team.Even though they lost to the New Orleans Saints in the Super Bowl, this team is the most popular in sports […]

How CNN’s news team will cover the news, according to new guidelines

A new CNN/USA Today newsroom guide will guide news coverage on campus, including “exclusive news items” and “unrestricted, unscripted, opinion-driven stories.”CNN/USAToday will not use “exclusive or unscriptable content” and will not include “insulting, threatening, or discriminatory content.”The guidelines also include a section on “unrestrained, unedited, opinion driven content.”“The guidelines have been approved by our newsroom […]